The best green Coffee from Honduras

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Pacayal Coffee is a leading in offering the best coffee from Honduras to the world, supporting producer families in accessing the direct market and developing ethical and sustainable supply chains, with particular attention to women and youth.


Vision To be a leader in offering the best coffee from Honduras to the world. Mission Support producers to improve their living conditions in a sustainable manner, producing and harvesting high-quality coffee in compliance with good agricultural production practices (GAP) and good manufacturing practices.


1. Cup Excellence We work together with coffee growers to offer the best coffee from Honduras, traceable coffees to roasters around the world. 2. Fair trade concept Pacayal Coffee Honduras acts for ethical trade, respecting human rights and the environment in all its operations. 3. Promote regenerative organic production We work together with farmers and our entire supply chain to promote the care and conservation of our planet and biodiversity, adopting globally recognized sustainability practices and certifications.


Pacayal Coffee promotes human development and the well-being of producer families and collaborators, adopting certified socially responsible management systems, including Fair Trade, fair for life and RFA, in addition to the implementation of internal policies and fundamental values consistent with this work. Internal Social Management Policies 1) Respect and non-discrimination policy. 2) Gender equity policy 3) Occupational health, hygiene and safety policy 4) Living wage policy. Core Values consistent with social management 1. Respect for everything. 2. Concept of Fair Trade 3. Commitment to the well-being of producers and their families, including zero child labour. 4. Support women producers 5. Non-discrimination based on gender, religion, race and nationality


Gender and Development Project The objective of the project is to contribute to improving the well-being and empowerment of women, through academic and technical training that allows them to better lead the administration of their coffee farm and improve their contribution as decision-makers in their family and society. Intelligent generational changeover project The objective of the project is to motivate and integrate young people in the production of sustainable coffee, with an innovative and long-term vision, which leads to the development of young coffee entrepreneurs capable of making their farm a sustainable and profitable project. Zero Child Labor The objective of the project is to raise awareness among producer families, collaborators and the community about the importance of avoiding child labor and investing in the education of future generations as a fundamental means of improving their living conditions and living a decent life.

Environmental responsibility

Pacayal Coffee is strongly committed to sustainable development on the way to Net Zero, for which it implements certified sustainable management systems such as organic production, regenerative agriculture (ROC), RFA, Fair Trade and Fair For Life, also implements policies and develops joint actions with other actors to protect and recover biodiversity in the communities where they work.

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