Pacayal Regional Sostenible is a traceable coffee with a positive impact on the well-being of producing families, their community and biodiversity.

We are creating a coffee family where all the actors in the supply chain collaborate to achieve a common goal, each fulfilling their role in the best possible way.

This work system allows us to develop long-term business relationships, implementation of quality assurance systems, rapid adaptation to change, resilience to crisis and continuous improvement in business relationships and communication with all stakeholders.

Some of our groups have double or triple certification of their farms, including Organic by MAYACERT and IMOcert  Fairtrade by FAIRTRADEUSA, Fairtrade Internacional  and FAIR FOR LIFE, Rainforest and Regenerative Organic ROA. In addition, the coffee is classified by region to differentiate its flavor and unique attributes of each region, which allows us to have a variety of options for our customers.

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