Producer: Natalia Pineda
Farm: Las Flores, Lot 1
Region: Chinacla,
State: La Paz
Country: Honduras
Height: 1530 meters
Variety: Red Catuai
Process: Natural

We present this beautiful coffee with notes of Magnolia, lychee, caramel and green apple, reaching a SCAA score of 86.25 points. This coffee has been recognized in different national and international competitions on several occasions, including 4th place in the Honduras 2017 rate of excellence, La Lucha private competition developed at SCAA Boston 2018 and also in our internal competition La Esmeralda 2022.

Get to know Natalia a bit
Natalia learned to grow coffee from her father Creencia Pineda, she worked as a youth for 5 years to be able to buy the plot of land where she now has her Las Flores farm. Before being part of the producers of Pacayal Coffee, Natalia sold her cherry coffee at the local market price, she did not know about the quality of post-harvest coffee, nor what happened to her coffee after selling it, most likely it was mixed and with this, origin and traceability were lost.

In 2014, when she started working with Pacayal Coffee, Natalia was part of the gender and development project, through which she received training in self-esteem, leadership, and personal development, as well as training in crop agronomic management, harvest and post-harvest quality control, all of this. I create a better connection between Natalia and her farm, motivating to improve every day, later Natalia was part of the group of women La Union who are continuously training in personal and business development, learning about other business activities that can increase their income.

Natalia has 5 children, whom she has motivated and supported so that they study at least one degree in secondary education, and as she says, education is the only way to improve living conditions in our communities and knowledge is power, even as a child Natalia did not finish her primary education, she did not give up and finished it in adulthood, her children have managed to complete their secondary studies and 4 of them have university degrees. Natalia has transmitted her love for coffee to her new generations and she dreams of them continuing to improve the way they grow and process coffee.